Frequently Asked Questions

liovinci was not built in a day, so we understand if you have questions. You can also reach us through the app by tapping on support in settings or via email at [email protected] We love to hear what our users think, feel free to send us an email about anything.

Why should I use liovinci?

liovinci is the place to discover, reserve and follow new products, so you can receive new updates without having to hunt for it yourself and be one of the first people to have the exclusive ability to get it first before it is released.

How do I get started?

Sign up on our website and download the liovinci app by clicking on our Google play store or Apple app store badges, or searching liovinci in the respective stores, or by clicking on one of these links. Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore

Sign up using your facebook or email account.

Next, explore and track some products. Comment and join the discussion. Follow and connect with other users. Reserve some cool products.

How do I find and follow other users?

Search for their usernames, go to your profile -> settings -> find facebook friends, or invite them to the app and tell them to find you. Then, click and follow.

How to find products?

Explore products or for a more personalized experience get the app. In the app you can select products from the news feed, explore products, filter by categories, search by tags, or see what your friends are tracking.

What is the Reserve Now Button?

The reserve now button is only available on our website. It allows you to place a reservation on a product to receive a number in line. Once the product is available for release people will be able to get them in order of their reservation number.

How to receive updates?

Once you track a product you will receive email and or push notifications as new updates are added.

Where do you get your information and updates from?

We use numerous trusted sources, from other news outlets or from companies themselves.

What if I do not see a product or project that I want to track in the app?

You can search for it, if you cannot find it, then there are a few steps you can take:

Reach out to the company to let them know about liovinci.

Send us a message we will try to get the companies to join our platform.

How can I join a discussion?

Discussions are currently only available within the app along with connections. All projects have a comments icon, which will take you to the comment screen allowing you to write your thoughts and include a reaction that identifies with what you have to say.

How can I contribute?

We are always looking for great users to help grow our community, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with "CM Leader," and we will get back to you.

What was the inspiration for the app's name (liovinci)?

liovinci was based off of Leonardo Da Vinci's name. A thinker, innovator, and creator of things; a good representative of our users and companies. Companies create cool new products, our users are early adopters helping support products that can help improve our world.

Are Reservations Free?

Currently, reservations cost $2 or 2 credits unless the company offers free reservations. However, we are offering promotional credits for each person you invite to the app and by simply sharing the app with others.

When do I know if my number is up after reserving a product?

You will receive an email once the product is available and have a certain amount of time based on the company's discretion to place your order before it expires. Also, you can keep up with the company updates as they move closer to release.

How do I reset my password?

You can visit our forgot my password page on login from the app itself or visit forgot password here.